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Two dwelling units located on a lot

District Permitted

By right in duplex, townhouse, CH, MF-1(A), MF-1(SAH), MF-2(A), MF-2(SAH), central area, and mixed use districts. By right as a restricted component of a building in the GO(A) district

Required Off-Street Parking

Two spaces per dwelling unit

Required Handicapped Parking


Required Off-Street Loading


Additional Provisions

  • Only one main building may be placed on a building site under this use
  • In a duplex district, a lot for a duplex use may be supplied by not more than one electrical utility service and metered by not more than two electrical meters. The board of adjustment may grant a special exception to authorize more than one electrical utility service or more than two electrical meters on a lot for a duplex use in a duplex district when, in the opinion of the board, the special exception will
    • not be contrary to the public interest
    • not adversely affect neighboring properties; and
    • not be used to conduct a use not permitted in the district where the building site is located


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