Dallas, Texas

Trinity Watershed Management Department
Flood Control

Public safety and the integrity of the Dallas Floodway is the first priority for the City of Dallas. The City through the Flood Control division strives to provide information for all citizens of Dallas to review and take into consideration when they live near a levee. 

Flood protection is the primary service provided by the Flood Control Division, and is provided through the maintenance and operation of the Dallas Floodway Project consisting of pump stations, pressure sewers, levees, flood walls, drainage/closure structures, channels, floodway and miscellaneous facilities. Maintenance of the Dallas Floodway System must be performed in accordance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) regulations. Other duties include maintenance of Flooded Roadway Warning System (FRWS), flood gauge sites, retention/detention basins, and Civil Defense sirens. Additional duties include removal of blockages on City-owned creeks/channels, storm sewers, and responds to inclement weather emergencies such as snow/ice, wind storms and street flooding.

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