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The MOWmentum volunteer service agreement is a joint effort between our city government and residents to keep our rights-of-way and neighborhoods clean and beautiful. This program allows homeowner association groups, businesses and individuals [individual participation requires the consent of the abutting property owner(s)] the opportunity to adopt portions of public rights-of-way for the purposes of maintaining and improving the property.

The MOWmentum Program may be used for elaborate projects such as fully landscaped rights-of-way. This program is designed to allow sponsoring groups a great deal of flexibility to design a program that assumes full maintenance and enhancement of the rights-of-way. Rights-of-way include medians, triangles, circles and curb extensions. Please note that landscaping improvements on the rights-of-way area, immediately adjacent to private property, commonly known as the parkway, are not eligible.

The adoption program requires the sponsor to be at least 18 years of age and submission of a Letter of Agreement for Volunteer Services. Complete project plans are required if landscaping is being proposed. These do not have to be professional drawings but must include the actual layout of the location. The dimensions of the property with all existing objects and an accurate indication of the type of plants that will be planted (and where they are to be planted) should be included in the drawings. Plants cannot create visibility obstructions that would prevent pedestrians or motorists from seeing possible hazards. If an irrigation system is planned, installation information must be included with the submission and full adoption of the area is required.

The proposal will be reviewed by the Department of Street Services and Transportation, the Parks Department’s City Forester and the Department of Street Services. Upon approval of the proposal, a copy of the approved Letter of Agreement will be forwarded to you for commencement of your project.

Currently the City of Dallas no longer provides cost sharing reimbursement for this program.

Should your organization wish to adopt medians or rights-of-way, please have your organization complete and submit the Letter of Agreement along with a drawing of the proposed landscaping improvements and the Notary Page.  Please note that if the proposal includes the installation of an irrigation system, all necessary permits and licenses for the irrigation system must be obtained.  The Building Inspection, Permit Center is located at 320 E. Jefferson and may be reached at (214) 948-4480.  Questions regarding private licenses may be directed to Eshandra Davis at (214) 948-4031.

If you have any questions or need further information, contact Raymond Lee, Department of Street Services at (214) 671-0251 or the main line at (214) 670-4491.

The Dallas Reforestation Program encourages the growth of the urban forest by supplying trees and guidance to the citizens of Dallas. For more information regarding this program, please contact the arborist Karen Woodard, City Forester at (214) 670-1509 or you can visit Arborist's web pages. Please note that trees donated through this program are not eligible for reimbursement under the MOWmentum funding.


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