Dallas, Texas

Sanitation Services - Landfill and Transfer Stations
(Solid Waste Disposal)

Landfill OperationsSolid Waste Disposal provides for the management, supervision, and operation of one landfill, three transfer stations, transfer operations and the maintenance of closed landfills.

Pick-up garbage collection, other than curb or alley is available at an extra charge (exception: Pick-up for physically impaired persons residing without an able-bodied person in the household is provided at no extra charge upon approval of a completed application and Doctors Statement). Call 311 or 214.670.5111 when calling from outside the city limits for details and fees.

Landfill operations involve disposing of solid waste and operating the McCommas Landfill.

Transfer stations serve as collection points for garbage and brush trucks to transfer their loads to other long haul vehicles. The transfer operation is responsible for long distance hauling of solid waste to the McCommas Landfill.

Phone number: (214) 670-3555
Fax number: (214) 670-3670


McCommas Bluff Landfill
Northeast (Fair Oaks) Transfer Station
Northwest (Bachman) Transfer Station
Southwest (Oak Cliff) Transfer Station




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