Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Office of Risk Management

Claims Unit

City Hall, Room 6A South
1500 Marilla Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

214-671-9458 / 214-670-7860


For citizens and employees:

  1. For directions to file a claim, please follow the City´s "How to File A Claim" Instruction listed below on this web page. (en español, pdf)
  2. Complete the Notice of Claim form (Download as a Microsoft Word 2000 file or as a Adobe Acrobat pdf file).
    • Estimate the amount of damages on the form

FAQs on Liability Claims


The following general information explains the process of filing a claim against the City of Dallas: ·

  • Accurately complete the "Notice of Claim" form describing in detail the incident causing your claim.
  • Estimate the amount of your damages.
  • Within three working days after receiving your claim , a claim adjuster will contact you to discuss the facts of your claim. Also, by mail, you will receive written confirmation of receipt of your claim.
  • The assigned claim adjuster investigating your claim will contact the City department involved in the incident. This process is necessary to fully determine the facts of the claim.
  • Most claims are usually resolved within a month. However, some claims may require additional time to conclude depending on the complexity of the facts.



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