Dallas, Texas

Stormwater - Outreach Team

Oak Cliff Municipal Center
320 E. Jefferson Boulevard, Room 108
Dallas, TX 75203

Phone: (214) 948-4022
Fax: (214) 948-4076

Team Mission
To educate construction and other industries, citizens of Dallas, including school children, on stormwater pollution prevention issues, and stormwater regulatory requirements.

The Stormwater Outreach Team provides the following services:

Construction Workshops
Inspections of construction sites to educate operators on Texas Commission on Environment Quality's (State) and City's stormwater permit requirements and regulations and monitor construction activities to ensure that the construction sites are in compliance with permit requirements.

Industrial Workshops
Inspections of industrial sites to educate industries on Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's (State) and City's stormwater permit requirements and regulations and monitor industrial activities to ensure that the industrial sites are in compliance permit requirements.

Educational Events

  • Educational Programs of school children
  • Public Educational Seminars
  • Development and distribution of educational material
  • Development of educational programs, videos and other material
  • Volunteer opportunities for public involvement, such as:
    • Participation in the Texas Watch Program to monitor the water  quality of neighborhood creeks, ponds and lakes
    • Participation in the Curb Marketing Program to place markings on the top of all neighborhood storm drain inlets
    • Educational Contests and Recognition Programs for K – 6 and 7 – 12th grades.
  • For more information on our program visit: wheredoesitGO?

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