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Due Date Opening Date Description
9/4/14 9/4/14 Building Inspections Department Southeast District Office Renovation 725 N. Jim Miller Road Dallas, Texas 75217  
9/4/14 9/4/14 Renovation of the Old Municipal Building
106 S. Harwood Street Dallas, Texas 75201
9/4/14 9/4/14 Central and Southside Wastewater Treatment Plants Solids Handling Improvements, Contract No. 14-308  
9/11/14 9/11/14 Street Reconstruction including Drainage and Utilities for
Lauderdale Drive (PB03R308) and Watson Drive (PB03R553)
9/18/14 9/18/14 Emergency Backup Generator (2255 Irving Blvd.) - SDMFC003
Cole Park Switchgear (Cole Park Pump Station) - SDMFC003

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