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Dallas, Texas

Human Resources - Classification & Compensation

The compensation division administers all compensation directives and programs relating to direct pay, including salary administration, surveys, Interim Assignment Pay, and the review of performance incentive requests.  The compensation division maintains all job classifications, evaluations and position control.  This division also creates and analyzes human resources information system reports.  The mission of the compensation division is to help departments have employees in the correct title at the correct pay. 

Employee Pay Schedules (files below are in Adobe PDF format

Effective 10/1/2014

Class Specifications
A "class spec" (classification specification) is basically a generic position title under which a number of jobs can be categorized. These classifications, or groupings, are based on the core job responsibilities listed in a Position Description Questionnaire. A class spec is not a job description, but a generic listing of job duties developed for all classifications.

We provide compensation information on all 450+ City of Dallas positions, including subsets for differing qualifications. Data is effective as of February, 2007. All data is annualized based on a 2080 hour work year. All data is in US Dollars. Classification Specifications may be found by clicking on the title link on the Survey Data page, or on our Classification Specification page. We update our survey data biannually.

Dallas Class Specifications and Survey Data
          Sorted Alphabetically by Classification Description
          Sorted Numerically by Classification Number

2014 Employee Benefits

Email Classification & Compensation

One-Fourth Classification Review Schedule

One-Fourth Review FAQs

Classification Appraisal Codes

Classification Action Form (Forms web page)

Position Description Forms (Forms web page includes ADA Worksheet)


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