Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

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City University is the centralized and systematic umbrellas for
continuous learning and development and performance in support of the five Key Focus Areas (Public Safety, Neighborhood Quality of Life, Economic Development, Staff Accountability and Customer Service. 

Specifically, City University is responsible for the design, development and implementation of training programs that support organizational goals and enhances the skills, knowledge and abilities of employees.

City University provides three basic types of services:

  1. Training and employee development to ensure that our workforce has the skills needed to meet organizational goals and needs.
  2. Consulting services to departments to assist with assessments, design, development, delivery and evaluation of specific training activities.
  3. Administrative support that will provide registration, employee tracking and progress reports.

City University consists of the following components: Employee Development, Manager’s Executive Institute, Succession Planning and Performance Management.  These components are designed to provide employees at all levels with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve business goals.

Use the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) - Self Evident Application (SEA) to enroll in classes. Login Required.

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