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GrowSouth: Mayor Mike Rawlings Southern Dallas Economic Development Plan

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#1 - Strengthen and engage neighborhoods: One of Dallas’ greatest assets is its many strong neighborhoods and the residents who care about them. Success in this vital area has not been accidental, but rather derived from years of solid planning and hard work on the part of our citizens, and continuing to strengthen and empower this citizen base is key to fully developing livable communities that are the heart and soul of Southern Dallas.

#2 - Culture of Clean: As a City, we must continue to crack down on code enforcement and hold negligent property owners accountable And as citizens and as communities, we must take responsibility for keeping our communities clean – this means everything from taking care of your own yard, to expanding proven programs like Councilwoman Vonciel Hill’s Trash Attack and Councilwoman Delia Jasso’s Grafitti Wipeout, which engages communities and neighborhood associations in cleaning up litter and graffiti in their communities, and more importantly engages these neighbors in actively building community pride.

#3 - Strengthen Schools, Strengthen Communities: The ultimate goal for Southern Dallas is sustainable growth, and that means a comprehensive approach to create what we are calling “Live, Work, Learn” neighborhoods. As part of the Southern Dallas economic growth strategy, I want to go one step further towards focusing on our youth and schools by putting a focus on four schools that are in key communities with “live, work, learn” potential, and working with the principals and leadership at these schools, accelerate success of the students and the schools, and in the process strengthen the community in a way that will prepare it for growth.The four schools we are targeting as pilots for this “prep for growth” strategy are:Zumwalt Middle School, near the VA Hospital;Atwell Middle School; Lincoln High School, in Fair Park; and Adamson High School.

#4 - Debunk the myths and rebrand Southern Dallas: For too long we have viewed Southern Dallas as an obligation rather that an asset. We’ve approached change in South Dallas as a daunting challenge rather than an opportunity for our whole city. As the City’s top salesperson, I will personally oversee a comprehensive plan to re-educate the public … and potential investors, stakeholders and future citizens. This plan will include: Dedicated brand manager; Benchmark analysis; Goals; Comprehensive strategy; and Measurement of success.

#5 - Create a private investment fund for Southern Dallas: We must build upon the foundation of work that is already being done in Southern Dallas, and that means creating market-based solutions for investment and debt capital to leverage current public and private investment. 

#6 - Continue revitalization of Downtown that feed surrounding communities

#7 - Implement West Dallas Design Plan

#8 - Develop Lancaster Corridor

#9 - Make Jefferson Boulevard the Main Street for Southern Dallas

#10 - Provide key infrastructure that will help develop the Education/SE Oak Cliff Corridor

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