Dallas, Texas

City Council Reponsibilities

Mayor: Chief Elected Official and Presiding Officer of the City Government:

  • Presides over Council meetings
  • Represents the City at official and ceremonial functions
  • Creates committees and appoints members, chairs, and co-chairs:
  • Economic Development & Housing Committee
  • Finance, Audit & Accountability Committee
  • Quality of Life Committee
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Transportation & Environment Committee
  • Trinity River Committee
  • Legislative (Ad Hoc) Committee
  • Appoints advisory committees
  • Maintains relationship with other governmental agencies and civic groups
  • Makes annual report on the State of the City
  • Votes as a member of the City Council

Mayor / City Council - Legislative Body for the City:

  • Sets policy
  • Approves annual budget and plans for capital improvements
  • Determines tax rate
  • Along with the Mayor appoints City Manager, City Attorney, City Auditor, City Secretary, Municipal court judges, and citizen boards and commissions
  • Issues and sells municipal bonds
  • Purchases and sells property
  • Establishes City departments
  • Holds weekly council meetings
  • Approves City ordinances
  • Determines City services


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