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forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan
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forwardDallas! is a first-of-a-kind city-led, citywide comprehensive plan. Driven by direct citizen involvement, forwardDallas! envisions what kind of city within which Dallas residents want to live and do business. On June 14, 2006, City Council adopted the forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan.

The adopted documents are now available on-line. Please contact
the Strategic Planning Division at 214-670-5088 with any questions
or inquiries regarding the forwardDallas! Plan.

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The full forwardDallas! Comprehensive document is available on this website. Go to the Comprehensive Plan page to view components of the plan. (Click on the highlighted blue text for the document).

forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan
Amendment Documents

Since adoption, the forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan has been amended to integrate small area plans.

Amendment documents:
(All files are Adobe PDF)

Other recent adopted area plans
(All files are Adobe PDF)


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City of Dallas

Comprehesive Plan

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McKinney Avenue-Cityplace
McKinney Avenue-Cityplace
Dart and passengers
Dart Rail and passengers
Mockingbird Station
Mockingbird Station


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