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Water Utilities FAQs

Does DWU make a profit?

No, DWU is a not-for-profit City of Dallas department. DWU's budget is completely funded through the rates charged for water and wastewater services provided to customers. Rates are based on the cost of providing the services. The Department does not receive any tax revenues.

Why does Dallas supply water and wastewater services to other cities?

More than 20 nearby cities are wholesale water or wastewater customers of the City of Dallas. Wholesale customers pay the City of Dallas for the cost of the services and the wholesale customers, in turn, bill the individual people or businesses they serve. Everyone benefits from the savings associated with planning and building a system that serves several cities to meet common needs and goals.

Where does Dallas water come from?

Dallas' drinking water comes from five lakes: Grapevine, Lewisville, Ray Roberts, Ray Hubbard and Tawakoni. The only lake Dallas actually owns and operates is Ray Hubbard. Two other lakes -- Fork and Palestine -- are in reserve for future supply. Dallas' Long Range Water Supply Plan includes recommendations for water supplies to meet the needs of Dallas and the other cities we serve through 2050. The plan also includes water conservation and emergency water management plans.

Dallas has a reliable water supply, so why should I conserve?

There are lots of good reasons to conserve water. Here is our top ten list:

  1. It's the responsible thing to do. You'll also...
  2. Save on water bills.
  3. Model responsible behavior for children.
  4. Save on sewer (wastewater) bills.
  5. Protect fragile ecosystems by building fewer reservoirs.
  6. Reduce storm water pollution.
  7. Save money for your children -- every two percent conserved pushes back expansion by one year.
  8. Save money on heating bills.
  9. Reduce load on wastewater treatment plants, delaying the need for expansion.
  10. Preserve a scarce natural resource.

How much water does an average residential customer use in a month?

Residential use was 53 GPCD (gallons per capital per day) in 2010.

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Water Quality
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