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Procurement Services

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08/17/201808/17/2018CIZ1755 Department of Aviation Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements
08/17/201808/17/2018CIZ1752 RFQ Department of Public Works Architectural & Engineering Professional Services
08/17/201808/17/2018Public Works Bond Office Dallas City Hall Electrical Upgrade
08/10/201808/10/2018Dallas Water Utilities Cadiz and Y-Inlet Improvements Project Contract No. 18-236
08/10/201808/10/2018CIZ1753 RFQ Department of Public Works Architectural & Engineering Professional Services
08/10/201808/10/2018Equipment Building Services Department Job Order Contracting
08/10/201808/10/2018Equipment & Building Services Department City Hall Parking Garage Repair
08/10/201808/10/2018Public Works Department Job Order Contract Award
07/27/201807/27/2018Dallas Water Utilities 2018 DWU Roof and HVAC Replacement Project, Contract No. 18-177 and 18-178
07/20/201807/20/2018PB12S407 Department of Public Works Paving and Streetscape Improvements Henderson Avenue from US-75 to Ross Avenue
07/20/201807/20/2018ECSD00006 Deparment of Public Works Lake Highlands Sustainable Development Infrastructure Project
07/20/201807/20/2018Dallas Water Utilities Water and Wastewater Main Replacements At Various Locations, Contract No. 18-443 and 18-444
07/26/201807/26/2018CIZ1744 Department of Public Works RFQ for Professional Engineering, Surveying and Consulting Services for Streets and Transportation Design Services for Special Bond Projects


 Construction Project Forecast 2017

Trinity Watershed Management Forecast 2017.pdf

Parks Forecast Report July 2017-December 2017 R.xls

Park Department Forecast 2017-2018.PDF

Sanitation Forecast.xlsx

180 Day Forecast Public Works and Streets.pdf

DWU Capital Projects (Next 24 months).pdf

 Aviation Project Forecast 2018 2019 March 2018.pdf

 City of Dallas Environmental Policy


Lobbying by bidders and proposers on city contracts. (dallas City code sec. 12a-15.8, subsection g) A person responding to a request for bids or request for proposals on a city contract shall not lobby a city council member either directly or

indirectly (through a representative, employee, or agent) from the time the advertisement or public notification of the request for bids or request for proposals is made until the time the contract is awarded by the city council. This

subsection does not prohibit a bidder or proposer from speaking at the city council meeting where the award of the contract is considered.  (Ord. 27748)