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Court & Detention Services - Deferred Disposition

When a Defendant successfully completes Deferred Disposition by paying the required fee and complying with all terms of the probation, his or her case will be dismissed and there will be no conviction entered.  However, if any term of Deferred Disposition is not met by a Defendant, a judgment of “Guilty” may be entered and a conviction may be entered.

Mail-in Deferred Disposition (Video, 16.2 MB, Note: may take time to download)


Defendants have 21 days to enter a plea on all citations issued in the City of Dallas. If no action is taken on a citation, a warrant of arrest may be issued. Defendants are eligible to request Deferred Disposition by mail within 60 days of receiving a citation, even if the case is in “Alias Warrant” status.

You may request deferred disposition via mail by entering a plea of “Guilty” or “No Contest” and submitting Documents 1 – 4 below:

  1. Deferred Disposition Application Form;
  2. Proof of financial responsibility, usually consisting of a copy of the declarations page of your motor vehicle liability insurance policy;
  3. A copy of your valid Texas driver’s license (not a Commercial Driver’s License [CDL]); and
  4. A non-refundable money order or cashier’s check made payable to the “City of Dallas” in the amount that corresponds to the following deferred fee schedule (please include the case number(s) on the cashier's check or money order to ensure proper processing).

Deferred Disposition Fee Schedule

Offense Type Fee Schedule
Speeding (0-25 Miles per hour(mph) over posted speed limit only) $180.00
Speeding In School Zone


Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (FMFR) “Insurance Citation”

Vehicle Inspection $130.00
Vehicle Registration $130.00
No Driver’s License $175.00
Other Traffic Offenses $160.00

Mail the documents 1 – 4 listed above to:
Clerk of the Court
2014 Main Street Room 105
Dallas, Texas 75201

You must not currently be on probation from a previous request for Deferred Disposition. Defendants who are 25 years of age or younger must complete a driving safety course as a condition of probation

Ineligible Offenses

Request for deferred disposition by mail will not be accepted for:

  1. 26 miles or more over the posted speed limit;
  2. Any offense by a holder of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL);
  3. Passing a school bus;
  4. Any traffic violation that occurred in a construction zone with workers present;
  5. Any juvenile case (must appear in person with parent or legal guardian); or
  6. Class C misdemeanor assault, theft, or reckless damage offenses.

Other offenses may not be approved for deferred disposition at the discretion of the judge.


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