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Example of a Street Vending CartA Central Business District (CBD) Concession License is required to vend in the Central Business District of Dallas.

A CBD Concession License allows the holder to sell or distribute goods or services at a designated location in the Central Business District of Downtown Dallas. A Concession License may be issued to operate either on public or private property. Vendors can only provide products and services that have been approved by the Director. Types of products allowed include:

- Food products sold from a permitted mobile food unit
- Handcrafted arts or crafts made by the license holder
- Fresh cut flowers sold from a cart or container


  • CBD Concession License Public Property $600.00 (annually)
  • CBD Concession License Private Property $150.00 (annually)

Requirements when applying for a Central Business District License include:

- Valid State Photo Identification
- Valid Texas Tax ID Certificate
- Completed CBD License Application
- Mobile Food Unit Permit (if applicable)
- Detailed map or photo of requested vending location
- Notarized written permission letter from private property owner (if applicable)

All applicants for a Central Business District Concession License must apply in person at the Consumer Health Division located at 7901 Goforth Road, Dallas, Texas 75238. Applications are accepted Monday Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

The vendor is liable for all damages and repairs to the streetscape, trees and vegetation, sidewalks, streets or other public amenities that directly relate to the use of the permitted location.

The vendor may be required to remove private materials or accessories temporarily to allow street, sidewalk, or utility access for maintenance operations or during approved special events. Notification will be made to the vendor within ten days of the event, excluding the case of an emergency situation.

Recycling Awareness: Food vendors are encouraged to use recyclable and biodegradable utensils, containers and napkins.


Once a City official notifies the permit holder of a violation(s), the permit holder is responsible for remedying the violation within the time period specified in the notice.  Beyond that, fines or subsequent suspension and/or revocation of the permit apply per City Ordinance.

See the City Of Dallas Street Vending Ordinance, Chapter 50, Section 152 (Adobe PDF) for complete information.

Street Vendors May Not

  1. use a vehicle that exceeds 6 ft. x 4 ft. x3 ft.;
  2. enter or occupy a public roadway to solicit or conduct a sale;
  3. place any signs or other advertising devices on public property    other than those signs affixed to the vehicle;
  4. operate the business outside of scheduled hours (6 AM to 10 PM Monday Thursday, 8 AM to midnight Friday & Saturday, 10 AM to 10 PM Sunday), unless special operating hours are approved by the director;
  5. physically or visibly obstruction pedestrian and vehicular traffic;
  6. sell, distribute, or offer for sale, goods or services that have not been approve by the director;
  7. do business in the central business district except on a site designated by the director;
  8. be located within 50 ft. of a bus or train stop, City park, or fire hydrant;
  9. be located within a construction area or
  10. conduct business with vehicular traffic located in the street right-of-way.


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