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(ordinance allowing dogs on restaurant patios)

On May 28, 2008 the Dallas City Council amended section 17-10.2 of the Chapter 17 Dallas City Code. This ordinance provides a variance process and establishes criteria to allow dogs on restaurant patios under certain conditions. The frequently asked questions below reflect the recent changes.

City of Dallas Approved Dog Friendly Food Establishments

  1. Beck’s Prime – 4002 Oak Lawn
  2. Beck’s Prime – 5931 Forest
  3. Beck’s Prime – 4622 Greenville
  4. Capitol Pub – 2401 N Henderson
  5. Dish Restaurant – 4123 Cedar Springs #110
  6. Ginger Man – 2718 Boll
  7. Gloria’s – 600 N. Bishop
  8. Jacks Chill Grill – 2303 Pittman
  9. Jorge’s Tex-Mex Café – 1722 Routh #122
  10. Mario’s Mexican & Salvidorian – 5404 Lemmon
  11. Mi Cocina – 6332 La Vista
  12. Mi Cocina – 3699 McKinney
  13. Mi Cocina – 11661 Preston #138
  14. Penne Pomodoro – 11661 Preston #143
  15. Primo’s Tex Mex Grill – 3309 McKinney
  16. Relish – 2000 Woodall Rodgers #200
  17. Screen Door – 1722 Routh #132
  18. Soleo Mexican Restaurant – 8611 Hillcrest #100
  19. St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin – 2730 Commerce
  20. Starbucks Coffee – 6859 Arapaho
  21. Start – 4814 Greenville
  22. Tei An – 1722 Routh #110
  23. The Commissary – 1722 Routh
  24. The Dubliner – 2818 Greenville
  25. The Grill on the Alley – 13270 Dallas Pkwy #1155
  26. Union Bear – 3699 McKinney #C-306
  27. Urban Taco – 3411 McKinney Ave
  28. Urban Vines Wine Bistro – 9219 Garland #1102
  29. WBC Bottle Room – 2116 Greenville

Frequently Asked Questions about Dogs on Patios

Will all restaurants with outdoor patios allow dogs now?

No, restaurants must choose to apply for a variance to allow dogs on their outdoor patios. Equally important, these establishments must meet certain conditions that protect public health.

How will I know whether a restaurant is permitted to allow dogs on its outdoor patio?

Permitted "dog friendly" businesses will post a sign at their entrance and Dallas will list all permitted "dog friendly" food establishments online at dallascityhall.com.
Dog Friendly Restaurant Sign (PDF, Sample Only)

What are the steps for a restaurant to obtain a variance to allow dogs on their outdoor patio?

  1. Apply at 7901 Goforth Road, Dallas, TX 75238, Monday-Friday, between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.;
  2. 2. Make payment of $127.00 dollars for a two-year variance;
  3. Inspection of the establishment is scheduled and conducted, and on-site staff is provided regulations on cleanliness and health measures; and
  4. Upon approval by a City sanitarian, a dog-friendly sign is posted at the entrance.

Will dogs enter through the restaurant interior?

No, restaurants approved for this variance must feature a separate, outside entrance to enter the patio, so that dogs will not enter the interior of the food establishment. Further, doors equipped with self-closing devices must be provided at all entrances to the outdoor patio from the interior of the food establishment.

Can food preparation be done in outside patios?

No food preparation, including mixing drinks or serving ice, may be performed in the outdoor patio area.

How will cleanliness be maintained on outside patios?

The outdoor patio must be continuously maintained free of visible dog hair, dog dander, and other dog-related waste or debris. The outdoor patio must be hosed down or mopped at each shift change or every six hours. Waste created from a dog’s bodily functions must be cleaned up with animal friendly chemicals within five minutes of occurrence.

Can staff handle the dogs while at the outside patio?

Restaurant staff may not pet or touch the dogs while on-duty.  A dog may not be given any food (including, but not limited to, dog kibbles, biscuits, and edible treats) while in the outdoor patio area, but may be given water in a disposable container.

What other requirements exist for allowing dogs on patios?

  1. Dogs are not allowed on any space that customers use, e.g. tables, chairs, countertops, or play areas.
  2. Owner must maintain control of their dog on a leash.
  3. Dogs must wear current rabies vaccination tags on their collar.

How do I register a health concern or complaint about a particular food establishment?

Dallas residents may call 3-1-1 or submit a Restaurant/Food complaint online (look under the Code Compliance category) at dallascityhall.com.

For Restaurant/Food Complaint or to a Report Foodborne Illness

Who do I contact for further information about this variance?

Contact the Consumer Health Division at (214) 670-8083.


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