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Volunteer Program
 If your group is interested in partnering with the City of Dallas to paint over graffiti in your neighborhood, please contact:

Department of Code Compliance
3112 Canton Street
Dallas, TX  75226
(T) 214-670-5708

In order to be eligible for the Give Graffiti the Brush program, a property owner must have a Graffiti Consent Form on file with the City of Dallas. This form gives the City of Dallas and its volunteers permission to enter private property in order to paint over graffiti. You can download the forms at the bottom of this page.

Painting graffiti, also known as "tagging" is a crime. If you see someone tagging property please
call 9-1-1 immediately.

If you see graffiti in your neighborhood, please report it to the Department of Code Compliance.  You can either call 3-1-1 or make a service request online.


Below is a chart outlining process to volunteer to fight graffiti.

Process for volunteering to fight graffiti

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