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Urban Design Peer Review Panel

The Purpose of Peer Review

The purpose of the Urban Design Peer Review Panel (UDPRP) is to provide timely, consistent and effective urban design advice for applicable and/or identified projects.

The UDPRP is charged to review projects to:

  1. Ensure the goals of forwardDallas!, TIF Design Guidelines and other policies are met within in the context of urban design
  2. Ensure that new buildings and public spaces demonstrate a high level of design, fit well within their context, contribute to Dallas’ economic success, and contribute to Dallas’ competitive advantage and the quality of life for its citizens
  3. Support creative design responses in new development
  4. Foster an effective working relationship with the development community
  5. Broaden public discussion about design

The Urban Design Peer Review Panel provides advice to staff, the City’s Tax Increment Fund Boards, Plan Commission and City Council as applicable.


What Projects Will Require Peer Review?

The UDPRP shall provide urban design advice for projects applying for a variety of projects throughout the City of Dallas. The following includes a complete list of projects which will require submittal to the peer review process:

  1. Projects that are applying for TIF funds
  2. Municipal Projects within existing or previous TIF Districts or designated area plans
  3. Projects at the applicant’s request
  4. Other projects as designated by the City Manager or by the Director of Sustainable Development, Director of Housing, or Director of Economic Development with the approval of the City Manager


2013/2014 Members

Eddie Abeyta, AIA Architect
Rachel R. Hayden, P.E. Engineer
Lenny Hughes, RLA Landscape Architect
Robert L Meckfessel, FAIA, LEED AP Architect* [chair]
Marcel Quimby, FAIA Architect
Paris Rutherford, AICP Planner
Luis Salcedo, P.E. Engineer
Kevin Sloan, ASLA Landscape Architect
Larry Speck, FAIA Architect



Meeting are held at Dallas City Hall, Rm 5E South

January 24 July 25
February 21 August 29
March 21 September 26
April 25 October 24
May 23 November 21
June 20 December 19

* Meeting held in another location in City Hall



Peer Review Booklet
Urban Design
Peer Review Booklet


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