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The CityDesign Studio’s current major initiative is LINC Dallas {LINC Dallas http://www.dallascityhall.com/citydesign_studio/LINC.html} (Leveraging & Improving Neighborhood Connections), a community-based planning effort that touches neighborhoods adjacent to the Trinity River, on both the east and west side. The focus area is 1755 acres, broken into six distinct areas, each offering different opportunities and challenges. The Studio is hosting conversations in each area to understand and refine ideas that will shape the future of these areas.

Wynnewood Design Workshop
The CityDesign Studio facilitated a discussion with local stakeholders about the Parks at Wynnewood and Wynnewood Village. With the current changes underway in the area, local stakeholders were given an opportunity to voice their ideas and input to begin to craft a vision for their community.

West Dallas Urban Structure
The CityDesignStudio’s first major undertaking was a community-based planning initiative at the foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The Studio team met with business owners, residents, landowners, investors and community stakeholders to understand the desires for the area. In August 2009, prior to the creation of the CityDesign Studio, a Dreaming Session was held to dream about the West Dallas area. The Dreaming Session was led by Larry Beasley at St. Mary of Carmel. A cross section of people attended. In this initial step, participants had the opportunity to dream: widely, creatively and publicly. As the next step, the CityDesign hosted a two-day Urban Structure Charrette (an intense planning session) aimed at advancing the ideas generated at the Dreaming Session. After over 18 months and nearly 40 meetings, the Urban Structure and Guidelines was crafted. The Urban Structure is a shared vision for future development in the area bounded by the Trinity River levee at the North and East, I-30 at the South and Sylvan at the West. While the full vision for the project will take at over 20 years, several key objectives have been completed and other projects are underway. The Studio continues to be active in the area, working with stakeholders to realize this vision.

The Studio also worked with the West Dallas stakeholders in the focus area on ‘micro-designs’ to identify and plan for small design projects in the neighborhood. Herbert Street traffic calming is now underway. West Dallas Gateway is under design.

Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd
From April 2010- August 2010, the Dallas CityDesign Studio facilitated three workshops focused on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The workshop were focused on generating community participation and input on future enhancements for Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and input on how to use current bond funds to build a gateway from the boulevard to the Trinity River Corridor.

Connected City
Connected City
Design Challenge

LINC Dallas
LINC Dallas
Culture Mapping Dallas

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Urban Structure receives CLIDE 2011 Award
Urban Structure receives
CLIDE 2011 Award
Partner organizations receiving CLIDE
Partner organizations
receiving CLIDE
Urban Structure receives APA Texas 2011 Award
Urban Structure receives
APA Texas 2011 Award
Urban Structure receives 2011 GDPC Dream Study Award
Urban Structure receives
2011 GDPC Dream Study Award

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