So is a seahorse really a type of horse?

Saddling up for a Seahorse showdown.

Round up your pardner and swing your pouch! For the stars of the Seahorse Rodeo at the Dallas Aquarium, life’s an underwater range. The exhibit, one of the Aquarium’s most popular ever, has delighted all ages since it opened in 2004.

So is a seahorse really a type of horse? No, but they bear an uncanny resemblance with their long snouted face and bony skeleton. Those tiny fins and gills reveal that seahorses are definitely fish…and the slowest-moving fish at that.

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John Ciulla keeps drawing sold-out crowds to Smirnoff.
It’s only hours to a major “fest” at Smirnoff Music Centre and John Ciulla is asking himself a million questions. Did the ads yield the ticket sales we hoped? Are the multiple stages timed so when one band finishes, another begins? Did every piece of equipment arrive yet? It’s all in a typical 20-hour day’s work for the General Manager of Smirnoff.

Moneyville. Where everyone learns with interest.
Crazy for currency? True-blue to greenbacks? Then head to Moneyville at the Dallas Museum of Natural History, where folks of all ages can discover a mint of knowledge about how money works in its many forms and functions. It’s truly a hands-on exhibit that helps visitors immerse themselves in all things connected with money, from its history to the science behind its usage. For example, did you know that the ancient Aztecs used chocolate for currency? Now that could eat through your funds!

Begin 2006 in the End Zone.
Plenty of Dallasites would just as soon kick off New Year’s with a football than a glass of champagne. The 70th annual SBC Cotton Bowl Classic is the only way to start 2006, according to an estimated 70,000 diehard fans who’ll witness the Big 12 go against the SEC (Southeast Conference). When these two powerhouse conferences clash, it’s frenzy time.

American Flags proudly remembered.
While we wish all American flags would go on flying for decades, they eventually wear out.

And the star of our show is…Fair Park!
Things are getting tense in the courtroom. Suddenly a major brawl erupts and spills into the plaza outside. Whoosh---the bad guy is knocked into the reflecting pool! For the recent shoot of the Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire reunion movie for CBS, no ordinary set would do.