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Cashing in on how money works.
In the fascinating city of Moneyville, dollars and cents teach basic math skills.

In the Kids Market, younger children can sort, count, group, weigh and buy goods using play money, cash registers and produce scales.Moneyville at DMNH is paved with saving, earning excitement.
Crazy for currency? True-blue to greenbacks?

Then head to Moneyville at the Dallas Museum of Natural History, where folks of all ages can discover a mint of knowledge about how money works in its many forms and functions. It’s truly a hands-on exhibit that helps visitors immerse themselves in all things connected with money, from its history to the science behind its usage. For example, did you know that the ancient Aztecs used chocolate for currency? Now that could eat through your funds!

In Moneyville, learning math skills and basic economics is a breeze when cash is involved. At the Money Factory, trace the earliest coins and the barter system all the way up through e-commerce. You can even make your own “money” but beware: there’s also an anti-counterfeiting lab on the premises.

Rich in fun experiences.
The Bank follows the life of a dollar bill and how interest is compounded. Best of all, you can see what a million dollars looks like! Visit the floor of a simulated stock market where “traders” compete and watch a flashing ticker board. On the other side of the coin, “To Market, To Market” is a shopping district that teaches supply and demand by letting would-be entrepreneurs run a lemonade stand.

The fiscal fun wouldn’t be complete without the “Global Trade” zone that illustrates the interdependence of international trade and markets. Visitors guess the mystery imports and learn how wealth is distributed around the world.

Visitors learn how money is made.“Moneyville is a highly interactive exhibit that is educational and fun for all ages,” says Monica Contreras, Marketing Director for the Dallas Museum of Natural History. “The eye-popping graphics, the computer games and a multitude of video screens engage visitors in a variety of hands-on activities that show using math is fun.”


Nickel and dime-ing it has never been more fascinating or educational than in the vibrant city of Moneyville. It just makes dollars and sense to check it out at the Dallas Museum of Natural History.

Ka-ching!  Learn a few things about spending and saving in Moneyville.